Melissa C. Henderson Photography Latina Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

About Me

Hi y'all! My name is Melissa C. Henderson (C stands for Cisneros!).

I got married on Oct 2021 and have been through how some may call the stressful parts of planning a wedding. With that being said I love my husband, all things Peru (I'm Peruvian!), and currently live in Los Angeles. I grew up speaking Spanish - I'm bilingual so I'm ready to meet those abuelitos you know what I'm saying.

I grew up in Northern VA/DC area so familiar with that east coast life but enjoying living closer to the beach and the mountains. I am an enneagram type 2w3 and ENFP (not sure how y'all feel about the personality tests but I love them to learn more things about myself even if I'm not 100% that "one type").

I am excited to capture your special day whether it's a wedding, anniversary shoot, or any special moment in your life that you want to recall emotionally. So let's chat & create this vision together!